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Miss Natalia Silva, named Natalia Elizabet Elena de Andacollo Silva Castillo, was born January 19th, 1985, in the suburbs of Järfalla, a county in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm.

miss natalia silva

Her biological parents, both Chileans, divorced in her early childhood. Her mother remarried a Swede, adding to the family an older sister, and later on a younger brother. From an early age, Miss Natalia Silva had an active lifestyle by sporadically trying Tennis, Soccer, Classic Ballet, and other team sports and arts, but at age six she opted for a Swedish type of gymnastics called “Team Gym” (in Swedish “Trupp Gymnastik”), at the association “JG – Järfalla Gymnasterna.”

In 1997, Miss Natalia Silva and her family moved to Chile, transforming their summer house into a residential home. She quickly adapted to the Spanish language and Chilean culture creating unforgettable memories of her teenage years especially through her participation in extracurricular activities such as Artistic Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Dance. Miss Natalia Silva competed in all three sports on a national level multiple times.

In 2003, Miss Natalia Silva graduates from High School in Chile and has the opportunity to expose her passion for writing when she is honored to give the valedictorian speech. Shortly after her graduation, Miss Natalia Silva and her family moves back to Stockholm, Sweden, where Miss Natalia Silva is accepted to the University of Stockholm (“Stockholms Universitet”) and she later earns an associate’s degree in Economy. She also gets accepted to the Academy of Ballet (“Balletakademien”), where she enrolls in a one year dance program taking Jazz, Classic Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Street Dance. Miss Natalia Silva still doesn’t feel content with her path and decides to take a 180 degree turn planning on returning  to Chile with the pretext of sending in a casting video to a televised dance show in Chile called “Rojo: Fama contra fama,” transmitted via Television Nacional de Chile (TVN). Miss Natalia Silva gets selected to be part of the TV show as one of the competitors in the international version of the dance competition, called “Rojo Internacional 2,” representing Sweden.

In 2005, Miss Natalia Silva moves to the capital of Chile, Santiago, to compete on the television show “Rojo Internacional 2,” an experience that lasts for only 2 months due to a pneumonitis. After her short television career, Miss Natalia Silva moves to Valparaiso, a region in Chile famous for its port and touristic highlights. She enrolls in a dual bachelor’s degree in International Business at the University of Valparaiso in 2006.
During her studies, Miss Natalia Silva is selected to compete in an All Girl Cheerleading team in Viña del Mar, where she then travels to South Lake Tahoe, USA, to work for a winter season at Heavenly ski resort. She travels to Hangzhou, China, for a month to teach English, to later move to

Miss Natalia SilvaSan Diego, USA, to finish her dual bachelor’s degree in International Business at San Diego State University in 2009.

In December, 2011, Miss Natalia Silva graduates from San Diego State University, the city in which she currently lives. Today Miss Natalia Silva works in the Hospitality industry.

In 2013, Miss Natalia Silva creates her own website and blog with the intention to get in touch with her long lived passion for writing.


  1. Wow Natalia! There is soooo much I didn’t know about you before! Cool blog!

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