30 before 30: Update

On  January 17th,2014, I posted a blog about the 30 things that I absolutely have to do before my 30s, just days before my 29th birthday. I wanted to take a look at how well it have been going and figured, why not take a look at it publicly.

Here we go…

1. Take surf lessons: Not Completed. Have not even asked any of the many acquintances that I have in San Diego, a lot of them surfers, to take me out for a ride. And since a full blown summer is coming up, I know I have all the opportunities to check this one of very soon.

2. Write a book: Not Completed. To be honest, this is something that I have always wanted to do from the the moment I started to write my very first words. I love to write and have a lot of thoughts and memories that I would love to put down on a piece of paper. And I doubt that I will finish writting a book this year but I wanted to put it out into the universe, I know it will make me start. See I have a serious issue with checklists. I always need to check them off. So far, it has at least got me thinking about how to go about it. I was thinking of posting it here on my blog via some sort of “Novel Series.” More to come…

3. Go to a Broadway show: Completed! I saw the amazing show “The Book of Mormon” in NYC. Here is  more on my eventful NYC trip.


4. Learn InDesign: Not Completed. Now that I bought my second Mac (since my last one got stolen *still crying about it*) I did see a lot of similar products to InDesign that I need to explore. I want to create some fun creative and inspiring fitness articles, but more as a Magazine approach. More to come…

5. Make a list of “What to do before my 40s”: In Process. Since I am already starting to work on my Half Marathon training, in baby steps, I will put in a whole Marathon for my 40 before 40. Well, only if I go through with the Half Marathon of course (which I will, because I am awesome!)

6. Read “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ann Rand: Not completed… yet. I bought the book and pilled it up on the other stack of books that I so want to read… Not good!

7. Visit Grand Canyon: Not Completed.

8. Go to Miami: Not Completed. But I do have a date in mind and already requested it off at work… Just waiting around to buy the airfare…

9. Play golf: Not Completed.

10. Weight Goal 100 lbs: Not Completed. This is more of a goal to keep me  in check, it’s more of a constant fitness stimulation. I am currently at 131, which is a normal weight for me anyways. No drastic changes as of yet.

11. Run a half Marathon: Not completed. I haven’t registered to any race yet but are looking around what races are on for this semester in California. But I have already started to run as part of my fitness routine. It feels good to get back to running! I’m at 5k, going for 10k, and after that I should be ready for the half Marathon.

12. Learn how to play 3 full songs on a piano: Not Completed. Forgot about this one… Shouldn’t be that hard (hopefully) since I did take piano lessons when I was maybe 7? My piano teacher was Finnish I remember, with a really thick Finnish-Swedish accent. I was super excited to play an instrument and my parents even went out and bought a piano, but the teacher showed a crtain favoritism for the other student in the class which I clearly could not cope with so I completely stopped with the piano lessons without telling my parents why… Jeez what a princess!

13. Research my family’s history: Not Completed. Forgot about this one too…

14. Get all the Silva sisters together: Completed! Here’s more on that…

Silva Sisters

15. Make gnocchi from scratch: Completed! And it was yummy! Here’s the recipe.

16. Go on a girls trip with my best friends from childhood: Completed! Here’s my Cancun Diaries!


17. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you at a drive thru: Not Completed. I will probably end up doing this one last minute because it is easy peasy.

18. Take a how-to-class: Not Completed. Hmmm what do I want to learn how to do?

19. Get a tattoo!: Not Completed. A little nervous about this one. I don’t want it to get a tattoo just because it’s on a list, I just really have always wanted one but have never found a significant art or meaning that I want to put on my skin. I have an idea but I’ll see if I like it enough to have it on my skin forever. To be continued…

20. Own a pair of designer shoes: Not Completed. But I am working on it! These are the ones I want. I stole the picture from this blog.

Valentino Shoes

21. Go to the Ellen Show: Not Completed. I want to syncronize it with a LA trip, and since I don’t have one planned in the near future, I will hold off on this one for a little, but it’s fairly easy to get tickets to these TV shows so I am not concerned. I can’t wait though because I looooove her.

22. Make a DIY craft: Not Completed. Hmmm, what do I want to make?

23. Read The Bible (Old and New Testament): Not Completed. But I bought a pink leather one and yeah, again, I pilled it on the rest of the books that I want to read… UGH!

24. Make a herb garden: Not Completed. But I bought the seeds already. I bought Basil, Dill, and Parsley (I think). I even have Mason jars in which I want to grow them in (saw this idea on Lauren Conrad’s website). Just need to go to Home Depot and get “the dirt” (or whatever it’s called…).


25. Live without a phone or internet for 48 hours: Not Completed. I kind of want to link this one with number 26. Go on a solo road trip with no electronics at all, not even a GPS! Just in order to soak in everything and make it an adventure.

26. Make a solo road trip to a random  city: Not Completed. I am thinking of Scottsdale, Arizona, beacuse I want to check out a particular hotel in this city, but at the same time I am thinking Grand Canyon (number 7).

27. Experience Mardi Grass: Not Completed. I don’t know what I was thinking when I added this one to the list, I mean I still want to experience it but I added it too close to Mardi Grass 2014 to even plan a trip out there and next Mardi Grass is obviously 2015. I will have to automatically shift this one over to my future 40 before 40 list.

28. Create a 30 day challenge of something: Not Completed. But I have an idea, more to come…

29. Take an art class: Not Completed. I did see a Groupon on this though. It was an art + wine mingle class. Sounds fun!

30. Skinny Dipping Did this in Cancun, and wrote about it here.

So basically I have completed 5 out of 25 in almost 6 months… Not so good… I need to step it up because I have 20 more to go in almost the same amount of time.


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Miss Natalia Silva

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