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I have lost count on how many times I have been in the beautiful city of Boston. To me especially, it also have a sentimental value because since I was a little girl I always knew that my biological father lived there with his new family, from which I have two little sisters. I would always picture myself in Boston with my sisters and our dad and think about it as a picture perfect. Reality hit when I finally got to go for the first time, and without going into details, that picture perfect was more like beautifully imperfect, and from it I have two amazing sisters and their mother plus a larger family on their side. I call them my Boston family and this last time I really felt like I would easily feel at home if I ever moved there, and I even said it out loud.

But enough of the emotional bull pooh, and let’s get even more annoying with the Bostonian accent. Apparently, last time I went to Boston it all started. I kept asking people to talk in “their Bostonian accent,” and this time I have it on video. I’m surprised that these poor people don’t punch my face with my neurotic requests! I never got caught on Johnny Depp’s pirate movies but that is exactly what the Boston accent sound like, pirates.

Another thing I learned on this trip is to not mention the Lakers in Boston because they have the Celtics (?), and that the Bruins is Boston’s hockey team. There was also something about a crown on a lion that was made of gold and had a time capsule in it…

So anyways, this time I decided to vlog a lot, thing that I do not do at all but is something that I want to consider seriously because boy did I gather some material! I have so many videos laying on my desktop that it is “wicked” funny (and private) but luckily I managed to put together a PG-13 version of my last trip to Boston. Oh an the disclaimer of course is that I say Boston a lot, like A LOT!

Thank you Boston!



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