Call me Daisy Duck

I once heard that you should never comment your flaws to others because then others will start to see them, and I totally agree. I have always thought that my flaws are only my own, no one really sees them anyways, so I keep them to myself for the most part.

I have always wanted bigger lips but no one has never probably known that I wanted them so bad in order for me to get lip fillers, but I did!

The only thing I can probably say for myself is: Why didn’t I do this earlier in life!? I love everything about them. I keep staring at them all the time. I am super satisfied and would do it again. Literally, I will do them again when these dissolves.

I went ahead and uploaded a video on Youtube with more info about cost, place, and doctor. Here on my blog, I am posting two little film clips that were taken on the exact moment of the procedure.



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