February Fab Abs

Fortunately, I grew up on sports and fitness, and I say fortunately because it is so much easier to get back in shape as an adult when you have all that muscle memory formed as a kid. For that reason, I know for a fact that my future kid(s) will have to do some kind of physical activity no matter what. A little fitness in your life doesn’t harm anyone, if anything; it only encourages a higher quality of life and peace of mind. Okay, but I am not here to talk about parenting or rave about my healthy upbringing, this post is about me going to Cancun, Mexico, early March, which means that the 2010 bikini body expectation is sneaking up on me sooner than usual. I am quickly obligated to snap out of the winter hibernation and all that stored holiday food.

I started 2014 with a January Squat Challenge that I found on La La Anthony’s Instagram, and I just finished it yesterday actually. Did it work? Well, from not doing anything at all, to start doing squats every day, does inevitably show results on your body, now, does my tush look like the one on the picture? You are smart enough to know the answer, but I’m not complaining either. I did get more volume both on my quadriceps and my derrière, and I have felt much stronger in my yoga practice. On the other hand, if I have to critique the challenge, I did get extremely bored half way through towards the end. Personally, I like to mix up my workouts a little more, not only to make it more entertaining but more effective as well. Would I do it again? I will probably get back to it later this semester but with my own variations.

Squat ChallengeSo what is my Fitness plan for February?

Well, have you ever read The Secret? All skeptic jokes aside, I do live most of my life by visualizing everything. So I have this vision for my upcoming vacations, of me lying on a big comfy beach seat on a silky white sand beach by an aqua colored ocean, with a large sun hat and shades on, and sipping on a tropical drink. I have a golden tan, great hair, perfect makeup, and an extremely fit body. So yeah, that is my fitness plan!

In this short month of February, I will strictly concentrate on my abs without forgetting about the rest of my body of course. I want to mix Cardio, Arms, Yoga, Legs, Juicing, and Abs. To be exact, I have 29 days until I go to Cancun for 7 days with my childhood friends, to vividly live my vision.

I created a 4 week February Fab Abs plan that I will be walking through as I go, on my Social Media outlets.

My February Fab Abs Plan


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Have a Fabulous Fitness February Everyone!


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Miss Natalia Silva

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