I don’t stalk, I investigate

I know, I am slightly obsessed with this topic, but I really love to stalk people, and I am pretty good at it. It can be for work, for personal reasons, or for friends; I’m a pro.

I am only writing about this, and writing period, because something happened yesterday that made me think about my fair deal of stalking…

Okay so let’s slow down and go back to the first time someone told me to “google him” when I asked about his story. I was recently single, still in SDSU, and went to Vegas with my roommates. I was determined to meet a tall, hot, and dark man, just like my Starbucks’ orders *wink* And since I usually get what I want, I ended up kissing a very handsome dark man who had an amazing athlete’s body. I remember how the one roommate that was into fitness asked him how much he bench pressed (!) just so you can have an idea, it was impressive. I still didn’t know who this man was because we only met that one night at The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio. I go back to San Diego, and we still talk on the phone and was planning for him to visit me in San Diego from Arizona over Spring Break. We talk mostly because he hated to text, so we could talk for a long time without it being awkward. At one point I asked him what he did in life, and he said “google me.” Of course the self absorbed comment made me wait until I got home so I could do it with my roommates. So the man was a Sun Devil player, of course in my books that didn’t really make my pickle tickle since, for one, I do not understand american football, and secondly, Sun Devils could’ve been a hockey team in Michigan and I would’ve not known the difference. Anyways, we were both single (I thought) until I wake up one morning to see my phone blinking (yes, I was a proud Blackberry child). I see a voicemail from a number that had no contact information or picture, so I yank my Blackberry out from the charger and listen to it. I basically get to listen to a very nasty voicemail from his girlfriend, while I am still trying to open up my eyes fully. I had to listen to it twice just to understand what was going on. I know, a total jerk, and yes I obviously ignored him after that, but the real point is that today I would’ve already known he was a football player, and that he had a girlfriend on the same night I met him. Social media, and google is just amazing!

I only came to think about this yesterday because I was talking to a friend that was stalking a potential date that she has been contemplating for a while, and so instead of stalking directly, which in this case was necessary because we didn’t know his full name and it was also foreign and uncommon. This is when she recurred to “stalking by association,” so she stalked his friend, thinking that there must be one picture, comment, or mention of the prospect suspect somewhere. Oh boy was she right. Not only did she find his Facebook page, but she also found a ton of public record online pointing out that he was a con artist plus he had been in jail!! This is some real MTV Catfish efforts of course, but totally worth it. Imagine going on a date with this man and falling in love with him… Great catch, not!

P.S. Check out when I Facebook stalked my exes…

I’m just letting you know, if you ever meet me, boy or girl, I am already stalking you 10 minutes ago, or I mean investigating…




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