As I am preparing myself for my yearly self-taught and self-proclaimed NYE tradition, I found myself sitting down and just thinking about my year during this 4 day stay-at-home holidays. I quickly realized that I had not updated my forgotten website.

So I thought I would update it somewhat…

I am in a long-distance relationship with Andrew Sweeney from Dublin, Ireland (triple hearts). And I did go to Ireland to visit him in July (yes, almost 5 months ago…) and we had an amazing time exploring the country he is so proudly from.

Here are the 5 vlogs from that trip!

Getting Mouldy in Dubiln

Tinder Date in Killarney

Roadtrip in Ireland Part 2

Roadtrip in Ireland Part 1

I’m in Ireland!

Stay tuned for more content… I hope! Inspirational juices have been turned off in long while (sad face).

P.S. That picture on my home page regarding this post, is a real picture taken with my iPhone of Cliffs of Moher (Emoji face with heart shaped eyes)… Ta-Ta! To the next!


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