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IMG_9942Happy Valentine’s Day loves! This year I have no Valentine but myself. And since I have my own blog, I like to read about my previous ones such like this one.

I got a box of mini Valentine cupcakes sent to work yesterday by Mr. Ex… Complicated to speak about but they were freaking delicious. They were from our favorite bakery in Pacific Beach, yes, the same one that I wrote about last year, “Sugar & Scribe.”

I don’t want to say that I am sick because I hate being sick but I am feeling very tired. I woke up to work on my laptop just a little bit, tried to do a healthy smoothie with my new blender but realized quickly that I think I bought a broken one (ugh!) so I have to go and exchange it at BestBuy, hopefully tomorrow.

Later I want to go and run my 3 mile that is scheduled for the week. Hopefully that will take me out of this weird sleepy state.

Other than that, I just wanted to write something since it his been a million years. A lot on my mind, but nothing that I want to share on my blog. I’m trying to find my own way out of this self-destructive path. More on that later.

Happy LOVE day to everyone out there.




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