New Year’s Eve Memory Lane

I always have the Swedish and Chilean timezone on my iPhone so that I can travel away in my head and imagine what my mom is doing or what my friends are doing on a Friday night, New Year’s was no exception of course. At one point this is how my phone looked like December 31st.


It was Sweden’s turn first. I facetimed with my mom, dad, and my brother while they were celebrating together with a nice cozy candle lit dinner at a perfectly designed kitchen by my awesome mother, while I was having lunch with my man at Mamma Mia, our favorite italian restaurant in San Diego. Then it was Chile’s turn, text messages from my friends came pouring in. Andrea, one of my best friends, even sent me a picture of the fireworks from the Entel Tower in Santiago, the capital of Chile.


And like every December 31st, of course you start thinking about the year that you are leaving behind, what you’ve accomplished, and what you have planned for the year to come. I went further, and started to go way back, years back. And to be fair, I think I have a mixed pile of New Year’s memories, both good and bad, and even though I spent mine working this year, it still doesn’t dethrone my worst New Year’s Eve ever. This “prize” goes to New Year’s 2006 .

I moved to Chile year 2005, so this New Year’s celebration was my first in Chile without my family. I had two friends from Sweden visiting me in Chile during that summer (Nov-Feb is summer season in Chile). We had bought tickets to an electronic party on the Baron Pier (in Spanish, “Muelle el Baron,”) a big famous Pier in Valparaiso. Valparaiso is a large region in Chile right by the water, now, if you look up Chile on a map, you’ll see almost the whole country on water. You can literally ski early in the morning in Los Andes mountains, and be surfing at the beach three hours later, not that I have ever done it but I think it’s a cool fact. Anyways, on New Year’s there is at least five points of firework displays around the Valparaiso and Viña del Mar bay, so our tickets got us a great party but also a spectacular view over all the firework outlets. At twelve the music was blazing and the fireworks started to boom, you could hear tons of car alarms going off, and scared stray dogs bark; the view was amazing! But it was shortly after this great moment where I completely blacked out, and really quick…. I woke up in a hospital!

I’m sure we all have that one story where alcohol wasn’t the best ingredient of your fun. Well, this is mine. I woke up with nurses around me and an IV in my arm. I immediately asked if my health insurance was going to cover it or how much my irresponsible decision was going to cost me, I know, I get rational rather then emotional in serious situations like these. But since the event had an open bar they had already counted with losers like me so it was covered by the event. I got released moments later, and tip toed myself out to the waiting room and there was my Swedish friends, my Chilean friends that I was supposed to meet up with at the event after the 12 o’clock boom, and the guy that I was dating at that time (!). Basically, I had ruined my night and their night. All around it was just the most embarrassing walk of shame of my life.

So there you have it, my worst New Year’s Eve, ever! It will never be forgotten and repeated, I can guarantee you that much.

This year was the first New Year’s Eve of my life that I spent working, so no excitement or stories. It will probably go down in history in my “Whatever” folder. But here are a couple of pictures of past New Year’s celebrations. Oh and by the way, check out an awesome soul filling exercise you should do once you are starting a new year.


Take care, everyone. Cut out the negative energies around you, whether it’s people or bad habits, and fill your life with positive. Have a great 2014!

Miss Natalia Silva

Miss Natalia Silva

Chilean-Swedish Lifestyle Blogger in San Diego

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