November Second

Sunday morning it is, and it feels like a perfect one. It’s dark and cloudy and perfect for blogging in bed. I also downloaded a few Sam Smith songs this morning since I am slowly obsessing with his voice. Sam Smith is singing to me while I blog, perfection! All I really need right now is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Coffee Bean and my world would be complete this Sunday morning.

Title? Yeah I have no idea, I don’t want to talk about anything specific, just blab. I felt the urge to blog as I woke up. And I must say that it is strange that I haven’t got the urge to write at all. I though that in my period of transition I would write much more but I have found myself shoving my emotions deep down for now. I think the main reason is some good distractions… But in the end I am not rushing my healing process, I just won’t. It is what it is. I will take my own time.

Miss Natalia Silva Halloween 2014

What did I do for Halloween? Not much. I hate to repeat myself but in this transition period everything feels very different. I’m thinking Halloween without couples costume? No Thanksgiving in New York with my ex’s family? New Years? It is so weird to even think about it. It’s like I have to start my own new traditions and you don’t really come to think about it once the holidays come creeping up on you. I went to Fashion Valley Mall yesterday and the Christmas songs were already playing. It just doesn’t do me any good… But anyways, what did I do for Halloween? I took my friend to my work’s Halloween party, and although I had a great time, it’s never a good idea to go to your own work’s parties because you see your co-workers actually working while one is not, and secondly, you can’t disattach from being a worker. I found myself dealing with complaints like any other day at work, giving directions and information about the hotel, removing empty glasses, and so on, it never ends. All in all, I had fun people watching. I always get so inspired to be something really cool “next year” when I see all these creative and overly produced costumes, so here it goes: “Next year, I will be something really cool!” As I posted on Instagram, this year I was some sort of Modern Wench with a twist of Pirate and/or Circus inspiration?

Me: – What are you?

Guy: – John Holmes, but you are probably too young to know who that is?

Me: – Age is realative… John Holmes, isn’t that the very famous pornstar that was known for his size?

John Holmes costume: – Wow! You are the first girl tonight who knows who that is?

Explanation: I have no idea how I know that piece of information! 

This is a video that I found from last year’s Halloween at Fluxx. I was a gypsy.

Oct 29, 2013 | Circus act @ Fluxx San Diego. Monday Industry Nights. Halloween! by missnataliasilva on

Miss Natalia Silva Halloween 2014 Miss Natalia Silva Halloween 2014

On another note. I am planning my vacation slash my dirty thirty birthday! I am not going to say where or when yet because it is not officiall until I buy the flight ticket, but my boss already approved the dates. I will be taking off for 3 weeks and I really can’t wait to see people that I love, get some love and getting pampered by family, party, relax, and explore to the fullest! Oh and now that it is November, I only have 2 months to cross off my list! Aaahhhh! I think I want to fail, it’s way easier!

I just saw some really sad posts that never got published of course, with titles like “It’s Over” and “Heartbroken”… I am not proud of not being the best at expressing emotions in real life. People around me do not believe me when I say that I am stressed or I am sad because I certainly do not show it, but hey, that’s me. Everyone is different and I have my writting, my own sanctuary, and I will leave it at that.

Toodle loo. I’m out. Getting my hair done, working out a little, and some shopping. Me, Myself, and I, basically.


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