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And it was time to go back to NYC for yet another wedding. It’s only natural to expect weddings and baby showers in my age range I guess, and I’m certainly not complaining.

Here goes my NYC/Boston diary.

Miss Natalia Silva

From Shorts to a Jacket and a Hat!


I’ve seen a lot of shows, I’ve been to NYC plenty of times, and I have walked around in Times Square/Broadway equally as many times as I have been in NYC, but I had never been to see a Broadway show! So I specifically made sure to put that down on my “30 before 30” list. 

My love had been talking about a show called “The Book of Mormon” for ages since it came out. He is a big fan of South Park (yes, the adult cartoon series), and the same creators of South Park are the same behind this great Broadway show. The show is playing in the Eugene O’Neil Theatre on Broadway, but it’s also touring around the U.S and the world, coming to San Diego in May. I was planning on buying tickets for the San Diego show closer to my love’s birthday but since we were going to NYC for a wedding, I squeezed it in for Broadway instead.

The show was A-MA-ZING! It has already won nine Tony Awards and I can definitely see why. It’s so funny, innocent, genius, and cruel, all at the same time. It was a bit extra funny to me since I did go to a Mormon school when I lived in Chile (and I still have best friends that are full-blown Mormons) so it felt closer to home when they ridiculed and exaggerated the life of a Mormon missionary. I’ve also always loved dance and theatre, so I highly enjoyed the fabulous tap dancing, and Ben Platt from Pitch Perfect as Elder Cunningham. I was literally in heaven, Mormon heaven.

The Book of Mormon
Although I absolutely loved the show I found it to be a little bit odd that the actors were so out of breath and sweating tremendously after every scene, given the fact that they probably have 2 shows a day, every day. Other than that, I am recommending this show. Go see it. Period.

Silva Sisters Reunion

My biological father has had 4 daughters with 3 different women in his life so far. The first born was Nadia, who lives in Sweden, second born was myself, and then Melissa and Janice, who both live in Boston. I’ve always had a “closer” (as close at it can be due to the geographical distances during our lives) relationship with my “Boston sisters” due to the grown-up and drama free relationship that my mother had with their mother. They both always encouraged us to interact, and I didn’t really have any issues with my father being absent since I had a great replacement dad. I even visited my biological dad twice in Boston, while he and my sister’s mother were still together. In other words, I’ve seen my Boston sisters a lot more than my older sister Nadia. I met Nadia for the first time when I went to Sweden for a summer. But for this reunion, we all got to spend a night in Manhattan for one night, all together for the first time. Nadia and the Boston sisters had never met before so I felt like this reunion was kind of a big deal.

Silva Sisters

Silva Sisters

I thought that it was going to be a little bit awkward at first but it ended up being a very natural reunion. I think we all have similar weird personalities. No one would probably categorize any of us as being normal, but then again, who wants to be normal. We met at our hotel room on Times Square and talked for a couple of hours. We got ready to go out on the streets of Manhattan, picking W Times Square for a martini or two. At 2 am we wanted to try another bar and to our disappointment of “the city that never sleeps,” we found nothing open on a Friday night. So we got a NY slice of pizza and went back to our hotel room.

We enjoyed a buffet breakfast at the hotel the morning after, talked some more about our interactions and memories of our common denominator, to later walk it off on 7th avenue, strolling around in the concrete jungle. It definitely was a too short of a reunion. I feel like we needed a longer stay to establish more of a bonding time, but at the same time, I think that our uncommon relationship is what makes us unique and I wouldn’t want it another way. I’ll say yay for many more Silva Sisters Reunions!


This time it was one of my love’s best friend getting married, so it was definitely closer to our hearts when attending to this one. Also, my babe was part of the wedding party, and he looked so damn hot in his tuxedo that I could not get enough of him.

My LoveMy fashion is usually a lot more colorful but given the fact that I wore a red dress at my last wedding (Warning: This blog was written in Spanish), and my love had to do the whole tuxedo look, I paired him up with a black classic mermaid dress with some black lace details.

Black Mermaid Dress

And here comes my oops moment of the night. Ready? My dress ripped right by my derrière! I don’t know for how long I walked around with my butt in the air but thankfully a very sweet girl told me. As always I take things like this with a spoon of humor but I love how most people tried to make me feel “better” about it when I wasn’t really feeling bad at all, I mean s*** happens. “Sometimes the dresses come with a loose stitch,” or “Are you sure you are size 2? (we all know my behind isn’t…)” were the comments, but like I said, I don’t care much about it. It was a fun little anecdote to me. Thankfully, the very sweet lady that is assigned to help the bride out through her big day was very kind to sew the big ventilation hole shut right on me, kind of what they do on models on runway day. It took her about 5 minutes, and I was out on the dancefloor again right after that, shaking my newly covered derrière.

The wedding itself was amazing. I actually enjoy the wolf-pack of friends that my love has, they are all fun to hang out with. The catering, decoration, music, everything was great. At the ceremony, I loved how this synagogue had a beautiful glass ceiling, making the lighting over the Chuppah shine beautifully.



For my last couple of days of vacation I chose to go and stay with my Boston sisters. On my first night, I stayed with them at their mother’s house and snuggled up to a nice cozy fireplace with a glass of Malbec and two Redbox: American Hustle and Gravity. Both movies were great. I applaud Amy Adams for her role in American Hustle, very out of her comfort zone, playing a very seductive and female dominated role (by the way, she’s Mormon!) We picked Gravity as a random pick and didn’t really know what to expect, but I would definitely rate it as a thriller. Space is real scary!


For the second night I stayed with my sister Melissa at her house. Of all times being in Boston, it was my first time checking out her house, and it was very artsy, borderline hipster, with random art and furniture. It’s not every day I see a house with a Street Fighter Arcade Game, a taxidermied white squirrel, a knight, and Obama scratching a record on a turntable. Very cool and hip!

Street Fighter


We went out to a few bars in Boston which I can’t recall the names of. It felt like yet another bar hoping night, in a different city. The funniest thing ever was to hear Brophy, my sister’s friend, a real native Bostonian, talk! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard a real Bostonian accent, and I loved it! It’s rough but sexy at the same time. Kind of like a drunk Irish pirate, if that’s even possible. I reminded myself to record him over and over again but at the end of the night, no video. This down below is the best I could find on a true Bostonian accent. Excuse the bloody Halloween content.

That’s all folks!

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