NYX Macaron Lippies

I finally got a hold of these beauties! And I am so obsessed with them that I constantly think about outfits and looks that will match perfectly with these beautiful colors.

I have used the Lavender for work already and I got so many compliments on the color. It’s bright and feminine but still very edgy. In order to keep them vibrant as the moment you put it on, you do have to have them with you in your purse or bag because you will need to retouch, but they are super smooth and creamy and they don’t bleed as much as you would think they would due to the strong colors.

Someone said that they “looked like cake icing,” another one said that it “looked like I ate a smurf!” Both are wonderful descriptions!

Here’s my NYX Macaron Lippies!


Miss Natalia Silva

Chilean-Swedish Lifestyle Blogger in San Diego

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