Saint Valentine Who?

I know, this is quite a late post but I wanted to share this year’s Valentine’s with you, plus a little something about Saint Valentine himself. Every year I always tell myself to research where the celebration comes from, so I finally did.

Like all holidays, we all know very well that aside from the commercial side of it, it most likely have a religious root, and when I say a religious root, I mean a Christian root… (I just felt like adding suspension to Christianity…)

Okay, so who is this Valentine man? Don’t you wonder? This is his story, if you believe Wikipedia.

Valentinus (in Latin) is a third-century Roman commemorated saint. That’s year 201 to 300 if you start counting from Jesus’ death. Valentinus died on February 14th in Via Flamina, Italy, which is a road that connects Rome to Rimini. Isn’t it kind of cool that I found a picture of how a piece of this road looks like today? (borrowed from official blog of Riccione’s Tourism website )


Valentinus was imprisioned for performing weddings for soldiers that were forbidden to marry (I’m not sure why certain people were forbidden to marry?) Legend also says that he healed his jailer’s daughter and wrote her a letter before his execution, signing “Your Valentinus.” Now, the whole romantic connotation to the celebration of Saint Valentine didn’t come around until Medieval times.

Ok, not exactly the love story that I had envisioned, which just reaffirms it to be yet another commercial holiday in my eyes.

Anyways, so what did I do this year?

It’s not a secret that me and my other half like to stay at hotels. We love to have a bunch of cocktails, order room service until we are stuffed, and have both kinds of desserts (wink). So for Valentine’s, we did just that. We stayed at a hotel with a gorgeous view over Downtown San Diego, had champagne, and ordered room service. Although the room service was disgusting my love made sure to bring cupcakes as dessert from one of our favorite cupcake places “Sugar and Scribe,” in Pacific Beach.

I wouldn’t share this blog if it wasn’t for something worth writing about so aside from our overcooked, soggy, and cold dinner we had so much fun just being together. We spent the night poring Champagne and performing Broadway songs for each other. I brought my Bluetooth portable speaker so we blasted songs from “The Book of Mormon,” and “Avenue Q,” and let completely loose with our improvisation talents. It was so random but so much fun. So there you have it! We spent out Valentine’s being Broadway stars for one night.

This one below is one of my favorites!

And for the girly girls out there, below is the awesome outfit that I put together. Shoes are BCBG Generation, Red Pencil Skirt is Forever 21, and the adorable Zebra Shirt is H&M



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