It all started with this picture on my Instagram.

SLOMO Pacific Beach

And let’s rewind…

I have lived in San Diego for 5 years already and I do not see myself living anywhere else in the near future. I have lived in other cities in other countries but this is where my heart truly feels content. I specifically live in Pacific Beach and as any other Pacific Beacher, I have cruised around, ran, and walked on the Pacific Beach boardwalk a million times, and you just can’t miss him. I don’t know if he skates every single day but every single time I hit the boardwalk, he is skating. He is a Pacific Beach celebrity and people proudly yells out “Slomo” when he skates in his signature superman pose. And as there are many beach bums hanging out in Pacific Beach, I thought about all the alternatives; “the man is homeless,” “the man is crazy,” but whatever thought process sparks from seeing him, I can say with full determination that “the man is happy.”

Yesterday I was beach cruising with my new friend Victoria, whom is a native San Diegan, which is very rare to find by the way, and of course we saw Slomo. Victoria told me a little bit more about him so I decided to stop him and exchange a few words and off course take a picture of this Pacific Beach celebrity. He mentioned a mini documentary that he was featured in and that he was thinking of getting a cape of some sort to maximize his role in the PB community, of a true super hero of course! A sweet old man for sure who shines pure happiness and peace at heart, which are 2 of 3 things that I highly prioritize in life. I naturally had to find his mini documentary and fortunately found it.

The clip that you are about to see is nothing but inspirational and motivational. And as I walk into my 30s, I am so happy that I already came to the “Slomo realization” a long time ago without having to become an “asshole” as he describes it. My constant pursuit of happiness is what goes first, the rest fills in place just like a puzzle. And although I am highly superficial for the most part, I keep my soul in check all the time and do what makes me happy as Slomo is promoting in the documentary. Getting out of work and being able to take a run by the beach, or meeting up with my girlfriends and dance our night away over a skyline view over San Diego, or drive over the Coronado bridge, or walk around in La Jolla or Balboa Park, is priceless to me. Yes, I am handcuffed to the paycheck life in order to pay for my lifestyle but it’s not what defines me. I love what I do for a living, but most importantly I love what I do when I live.

And as I am also going through some life changing alterations at this moment, and a lot of the loving people that I have in my life are naturally concerned for me, I am completely tranquil. I learned to feed my soul a long time ago and I am not worried about finding love, family, and more happiness because I know it’s out there.  My life has been blesses already and I don’t see why it would change.

Slomo’s mini documentary brought me to tears, and not because I feel like I am missing something like that in my life, it brought me to tears because I have already been touched with that message early enough in life and it’s the most beautiful feeling. And first I kind of felt bad that he understood his own personal pursuit of happiness so late in life, but now that I think about it, I guess it doesn’t matter when, as long as you find it. And by the way, a little crazy and madness in your life is a very important ingredient.


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