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LightsIt really amazes me, how the human brain starts to reason and dream in other languages just a few weeks after getting thrown into a new country. I know, it’s been a while since “I’ve only been here a couple of weeks,” came out of my mouth because it has already been four years since I decided to come to the U.S and study abroad, but I clearly remember how fast I found myself counting and cursing in English by reflex. But sometimes, only sometimes, in a very strange way, I can still feel the way I did on the day I arrived to this huge house by the Aquaplex at SDSU with twelve other roommates from all over the world, adventorous and excited to create grand memories.

I’m not sure if it was my mother’s dedication to my linguistic development or the fact that I was raised in a bilingual household, but I did learn to write at a very early age and I still to this day truly enjoy to write. I’ve always kept diaries, short novels, and unsent letters to people when I am heartbroken, or when I simply want to flip the bird at you, as some sort of therapy. I remember reading somewhere when I was younger that writting is a great way of dealing with emotions, which releases tension in your nervous system, leading to control astma. True or false, I was that weird kid in the schoolyard with a fannypack around my waiste with my asthma inhalator, who loved the gift of writting.

I started my blog last year simply because I felt incredibly unchallenged after college (and I still do to be honest)! I knew that I had to do something with my time and brain. And instead of creating a blog on an established website, I decided to learn about SEO, Google Analytics, HTML, and WordPress along the way, bought a domain and created my own website, no clutter, no blinking ads, just me, my blog, and I.

Before this entry you’ll see a whole year worth of entries in Español. See, for you who speak Spanish would probably agree with me when I say that Spanish is a language much richer in adjectives, which in my opinion is crucial when describing experiences and emotions. So when I was debating in what language to blog in, it was clear to me that it was going to be in Spanish. But after a year of blogging, I am going to disagree with myself. Today, or actually, since the day I put my foot in this country, I do spend 99% of my time talking in English, thinking, fighting, singing, sexing, and dreaming, all in English. So naturally, I feel much more comfortable with the flow of writing in English, and believe it or not, it’s been extremely releaving. And I think I had this conversation with other fellow bilinguals, but Spanish to me is such a personal language that I speak it as an extension of who I am as a person, with no cursing. So when I started to speak a language that is not my first (or second language in my case) that meaningful connection to its words gets completely lost in translation. It’s a linguistic liberation and boy can I curse!

Five years ago, I started to do this New Year’s resolution exercise in which I wrote a letter to myself for next New Years. I would basically start “Dear Next Year Natalia,…” and write about the highlights of the passing year, my current state of mind, and my goals for the year to come. I would then seal the letter to only open it up next New Years. It is really a fun thing to do, you will not believe how much you change in a year! Unfortunately, I stopped doing it once I came to the U.S, but this year, with the reconstruction of my blog, I think it is a good idea to resume with my New Years resolution idea.

Anywho… So what is Miss Natalia Silva’s plan for this year’s blogging other then blogging in English? Well, I would like to blog more frequently and not use the language excuse anymore to verbally vomit my thoughts. I want to write more about fitness and fashion, baking and b***** (okay, maybe not), but you get the idea; anything and everything. And why should you care? You don’t, but I think, we all can relate to each other in one or another topic and I love to connect with people of all sorts of paths. I strongly believe that we all have something in common with each other and every person on this earth, even if it is a strange love for pirates or a birthmark on your right toe. To simply put it, I want to mind mingle! Oh, and who is Miss Natalia Silva? Well here’s a quick 10 second factual story.

Happy New Year’s Everyone, may your champagne be the magic potion for all your 2014 goals and dreams become true.


Miss Natalia Silva

Miss Natalia Silva

Chilean-Swedish Lifestyle Blogger in San Diego


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