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I really wasn’t feeling a 100% when I came back from my NYC/Boston trip. I flied hungover, arrived at midnight, and had to work immediately the next day. So as I was trying to write about my NYC/Boston trip, I got slightly distracted by my favorite YouTube channels, like I said, I wasn’t feeling my best to write.

So since I am considering starting a YouTube channel myself, I thought it would be fun to show you different arrays of channels that I follow and get inspired from. Be aware though, you might get addicted to them! I am subscribed to a lot more channels than what I am showcasing in this post but these ones down below are probably my favorite channels right now.


Dulce Candy is probably the biggest Latina vlogger right now (if she isn’t, let me know who is). She is married and has a son, she vlogs from California, and has a beauty vlog channel at Dulce Candy, a blog called, and a separate YouTube channel with more personal videos called Dulce Candy TV. I just think she is so refreshing and seems to have all her stuff together on all fronts. I personally like her fashion blog more than the beauty tutorials, only because I think Nicole Guerriero is my favorite on that front, but nonetheless Dulce Candy is the biggest sweetheart and her positive energy shines through the screen.

Nicole Guerriero is hands down my favorite make-up guru. Sometimes she vlogs about hair extension, facial care, and tanning products, but she mostly does make-up tutorials, and they are freaking a-ma-zing! I love her personality. She seems so down to earth and not self-absorbed, but at the same time super self-confident. She vlogs from Florida where she lives with her boyfriend, whom is a DJ, and her cats.


Latoya Forever. This girl is outrageous! She is so funny with her “What’s up Crazies!” opening line on all her vlogs. I watch this channel now and then for pure entertainment because there are no tutorials or DIY of any kind, she basically just makes fun of stereotypes, social issues, and day to day topics. I think she is so beautiful and funny and I definitely enjoy watching her craziness. She vlogs from Canada where she lives with her boyfriend.


The Saccone Joly’s, is probably the most adorable family I’ve ever seen. They vlog EVERYDAY about their family life in Ireland. It’s a mom, a dad, their baby Emilia, 6 dogs, and they are expecting a second baby! I’ve always been fascinated by reality TV, and this is probably as real as it gets. It’s just so relatable of a normal family going through life.

Soul Pancake is an interesting effort of social consciousness; I would want to categorize it as. There are so many videos in this channel that makes you think a lot about love and life. It’s usually about relationships, happiness, and a lot of science projects about similar topics, sometimes even involving kids. I like this channel a lot because it’s a simple heartwarming channel with a bunch of soul searching videos. It was really hard for me to pick a favorite video on this channel but here goes.

I hope you enjoyed!


Miss Natalia Silva

Miss Natalia Silva

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